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Congo Escape Room Camp Program

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Do you love to solve puzzle? Create tricks and traps? Think through complicated challenges? Do you like building? Then join us for the first ever Congo Escape Room! Work as a team to design, figure out, and bring to life your very own themed escape room. Will you be escaping from an airlock in space? Perhaps you want to break into a museum to liberate some fancy artwork. Put those thinking skills to the extreme test while you challenge yourselves and others in your own escape room challenge.

Pony Adventures

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In Pony Adventures, you will be immersed in the world of ponies! You will learn how to care, feed, groom, and take care of all of the needs of the ponies on campus. Campers will have a 45-minute personalized lesson each day. In addition to riding, you will learn about teamwork and the importance of safety when being around ponies. All equestrian activities are weather-dependent. In the case of inclement weather, certain activities may need to be postponed or cancelled without refund. Campers are required to bring long pants and close-toed shoes, and encouraged to bring riding boots with a low heel and a professionally fit helmet.

Fun with Fossils

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Unearth your inner paleontologist and discover a whole new world hidden right underneath our feet! Figure out how fossils were formed, why different fossils are found where they are found around the world, and set up an excavation site to dig up the history of the footprints, plants, gems, and animal species preserved throughout time, and take home your own real fossilized dinosaur bones. We’ll even take a field trip to Calvert Cliffs where we’ll dig and sift for real fossilized sharks teeth. This field trip will be a little late back to camp. Bus campers will be back in time to ride the bus home, and other campers can choose to stay in EHP for free on the day of the field trip.

Jr. Architecture Camp Program

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Design, experiment, and build anything you can imagine in this hands-on camp focused on architectural design. Our young architects will study architectural theory and classic design, using a combination of computer software and physical models to blueprint and construct their own buildings, bridges, stadiums, and modern marvels!

Grafitti Art Camp Program

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This new camp will expose campers to the exciting world of graffiti artwork. From the Roman Empire to Banksy, artists have used graffiti throughout human history to express their creativity and comment on society. In Graffiti Art, campers will learn how graffiti techniques and styles have developed over time, practice with different paints, inks, and […]


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Design and build a world of your own in this new camp that offers an introduction to the exciting universe of Minecraft. Intro to Minecraft offers campers a structured environment to experiment and explore while they create characters, buildings, and worlds. Campers will also develop an understanding of the underlying ideas and mechanics that power the game, as well as an appreciation for architecture and design.

Lego Friends Camp Program

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Experience the fun this LEGO session with your favorite girls from Lego Friends! Join Andrea, Mia, Olivia, Stephanie, and Emma on this Lego adventure. Build and construct their favorite shops and hang outs in Heartlake City. The fun times are endless when it comes to creating a hands on experience with Lego Friends.