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CSI Randolph Street B @ St. Agnes

  • St Agnes School-Arlington
  • Rising 3rd Grade – Rising 6th Grade
  • Session B June 26-30


People can tell tales, but the evidence never does. In CSI Randolph: our young investigators will develop all of the tools they need to get to the bottom of even the most complicated cases. The camp will with an introduction to the history of forensic science, during which campers will how advanced technology and scientific breakthroughs have given modern scientists the ability to solve cases that would have been impossible years ago. Campers will also learn the science behind modern forensic techniques like DNA sequencing and fingerprint analysis before stepping out into the field to solve some mock cases of their own.  

Dates & Rates

June 20-23$450
June 26-30$450
July 5-7$350
July 10-14$450
July 17-21$450
July 24-28$450

Our daughter had a great time! She really enjoyed her counselors, spending time with her old friends and meeting new friends.

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