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RoboKart Racers by Handworks Studio

  • Congressional School
  • Rising 5th Grade – Rising 6th Grade
  • Encore Week August 12-16


Duck, weave, and pivot around obstacles with RoboKart Racers! This stimulating program blends the thrill of racing with the precision of robotics, making it a unique playground for our visionaries. The Ozobots, versatile little robots, are ready to race – but it’s up to our engineers to create their track! The excitement begins in the design phase. Campers will tap into their imagination to design intricate obstacle courses. From daring jumps to tight turns, each course reflects the creator’s ingenuity. Campers will integrate obstacles the Ozobots must navigate, making the race even more intriguing, and delve into Blockly Coding to program their Ozobots, determining how they’ll tackle each challenge. The coding possibilities are endless! Under the guidance of the Next Generation Science Standards, RoboKart Racers offers campers an immersive experience in robotics, coding, and design. It’s about getting to the finish line first and understanding the mechanics, programming, and creativity behind every turn. The grand finale will be Race Day, where campers showcase their tracks and programmed Ozobots. Cheered on by peers, every Ozobot racer will speed through some epic tracks. On your mark, get set, code!

Dates & Rates

August 12-16$850

Congo is hands down the best camp my daughters have attended. On all levels Congo takes efforts to put the children’s best interest first while challenging the children to try new things and support one another. They end each summer counting down the days until camp begins again.


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