Lunch & Snacks

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We are pleased to offer our campers lunch and snacks at no additional cost. Campers in the Great Adventures division are offered morning and afternoon snacks and counselors assist them at lunch, which is served family-style. For all other campers who are provided a lunch, in addition to the regular entrée, there is a sandwich line, salad bar and fresh fruit. Milk and water are also available to all campers. An afternoon snack time is built into each group’s schedule. We also provide a morning snack of different fruit options to enhance our healthy offering.

Our 2022 lunch menu should be available in Early June but last summers menus are available below as a sample.

Great Adventures Menus

June Menu by Fairfax Food

July Menu by Fairfax Food

Day, Specialty, St. Agnes and Sleepy Hollow Programs

June Menu  by Jeffrey’s Catering. Allergen June Menu

July Menu by Jeffrey’s Catering. Allergen July Menu

Day, Specialty, St. Agnes and Sleepy Hollow Programs Snack Menu