Virtual Camp Program FAQ’s


Thank you for your interest in our Virtual Programs! We are happy to partner with our long time vendor, Handworks Studio, to offer Virtual programs for Summer 2020! We are excited to have these virtual options and understand there are likely many questions. Find our FAQs below. If you have any other questions, please email us at



Handwork At Home

How do we register for these programs? 

You can register here (will be posted once registration goes live)

How long are these virtual programs?

These programs through Handworks Studio will be offered in 3 hour increments. Typical times are either 9AM – 12PM or 1PM – 4PM. Exact times can be found on each program page.

Are there supplies required?

You must purchase a Handworks Studio Supply Kit for most programs. This supply kit is not included in the cost of each program, however each kit will last you through multiple classes. If you happen to have these supplies at home, then great, no purchase needed!

Are classes live or recorded?

All classes are live! Your camper will have the ability to join classes with campers all over the country to learn from Handworks talented instructors!

What platform will be used for these classes? And is there a fee?

All classes will take place over Zoom and there is no fee associated!

What is the cancellation policy for Virtual Programs?

Prior to 2 weeks before the virtual session beginning, programs are 100% refundable. If you cancel within that two week window, or after the session has already begun, there is a 50% prorated refund for remaining days.

Can my kids share kits?


Maybe. If your children are registered for workshops in the same “studio”, but on different weeks, you can purchase one kit and coordinate the tools and consumables to be shared between your children. However if your kids are in the same workshop on the same week, then they will each need a kit.


What are the ratios for Handwork at Home workshops?

Our workshops are a 1:7 ratio, and we cap all workshops at 14 students, except for the 11-13 year old workshops where classes enroll up to 16 students. There is also a Tech Support supervisor periodically monitoring the workshops. 



My child isn’t an expert crafter, can they still register?


Absolutely. Our students are not expected to be perfect at what we teach, but our caring and nurturing teachers are skilled at demonstrating various skills so that students can overcome any crafting obstacles they encounter within their program.


What options are there for my child who is interested in Fashion? 


We offer multiple fashion themed workshops under the Fashion Studios category. While there is no machine sewing component, students can develop their sense of style through designing, learning how to physically embellish their garments or fabrics, and understanding how the fashion industry works in the digital age of social media.  Also, in our Textile and Craft Studio, there is a Surface Design Workshop that is appropriate as well.


Will my child be expected to craft the entire time of the workshop, won’t they get bored?


We understand that all students work at different paces, and require different types of engaging activities. Our programs are carefully designed so that your child can interact with their classmates, engage in games or activities, and also connect through conversation and learning. Sessions and days are broken out into a schedule that keeps a dynamic flow so your child isn’t crafting the entire time. 


Will I need a special program downloaded to register for any of the robotics or coding workshops?


We are using screen-free coding options for our workshops that explore concepts of sequencing. All of our Robotics and Design & Build Studios need a zoom compatible computer or device and the craft kit.



What kind of security do you have implemented to ensure a safe classroom?

Each workshop is password protected and we have a waiting room enabled so that our staff can monitor who is entering each class. All attendees must be approved by our staff prior to entering each classroom.

What is the expectation around parent supervision and supervision?


For all workshops, adult supervision is expected to ensure safety and security. For workshops ages 5-7, parent participation is highly encouraged.