Congo Explorers Session 3

Congo Explorers  Session 3 Schedule


Week One

Monday- National Zoo

Please be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes and bottoms. Campers may also want to bring a water bottle and hat!

Tuesday- Top Golf and the Air and Space Museum

Wednesday- Great Waves

Don’t forget your towel, bathing suit, and sunscreen!

Thursday- Central Funland

Get ready for a day of fun!

Friday- Sandy Point Beach

Bring a towel, your bathing suit, and sunscreen!

Week Two

Monday- SakteQuest and Reston Zoo

Come dressed in layers! In the morning we’re heading to SkateQuest. Campers should bring a bag with a jacket and long pants. In the afternoon we’ll head to the Reston Zoo!

Tuesday- Upton Park

Congressional Camp takes on Upton park! We’ll have access to the batting cages, putt-putt and the water park! Make sure that you have bring your towel, bathing suit, and sunscreen!

Wednesday- Ticonderoga farms

Thursday- Atlantis Water Park

Don’t forget your towel, bathing suit, and sunscreen!

Friday-Butlers Orchard, Panera and NiceCream

We’re heading out to Butlers to pick out our own fruit! We’ll have lunch at Panera and then head to NiceCream!