Zippy’s Mini Camp

Program Details
Program Type(s):
Price $4,650
Program Details
Program Type(s):
Price $4,650

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Join us on campus for this adjusted Day Camp program tailored to the needs of this new normal of social distancing this summer. Campers will experience many of our traditional day camp activities, such as Arts & Crafts, Music, Ropes, Archery, Outdoor Education and more, plus Specialty camps in the form of unique or long-term projects such as model-rocket building, E-sports, escape rooms and cooking, while participating in virtual (from their classrooms) and in-person special events*! At this point, we do not plan on bringing our horses back to campus for this summer and look forward to horseback riding returning in 2021.

A few things that will make this camp unique: Campers will be reduced groups of 8 – 10 campers and 2 staff members, which will not interact with each other. While this is unusual, we believe this is necessary to reduce the risk of exposure while on campus, however, we will be  Campers and staff will go through daily temperature screenings and more health related questions are outlined in the FAQ below. Additionally, this camp is all inclusive! From our usual free offering of meals and snacks, to EHP (until 5:00), to camper t-shirts! Lastly, this program is being offered as a 6-week block, meaning you do have to register for the full 6-weeks.

You can view there Zippy’s Mini Camp Lunch Calendar here.

*Exact activity offerings are dependent upon enrollment and staffing




Will our previous balances be applied towards this camp?


All previous 2020 camp registrations are being cancelled. Registration fees are being credited towards 2021. Families will have the option to…

    • Receive a refund for deposits and monthly payments
    • Credit the deposit towards 2021
    • Tax-Deductible donation to Congressional 

If you register for Zippy’s Mini Camp your previous payments will be used towards your updated registration. Any left over balance will be eligible for the above options.


What precautions are you instituting to keep my child(ren) safe?


The safety of campers is our top priority every summer, but especially during this Covid-19 Pandemic. Below are some of the precautions that we will be taking to ensure the safety of campers and staff. These steps and precautions are an example of steps. They will also be continually reviewed and updated based on the most current guidance available. 

  • One six week session to limit the total number of participants on campus. 
  • Small group (cohort) based camp groups of 8-10 campers that stay constant for the 6 week session. 
  • Cohorts will be staffed with consistent staff to the best of our ability
  • Specially designed schedule and activities to limit interactions between cohorts. 
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be placed throughout campus
  • Hand washing will be taking place at least once per hour. 
  • Constant cleaning of high touch areas
  • Pre-plated boxed lunches through our caterer, Fairfax Foods. Campers will most likely eat in their classroom or outside.


Do we have to provide our own masks and gloves?


While gloves are optional, campers and staff will be required to have masks. While potentially not necessary to be wearing them at all times (when outdoors, for example), everyone is required to have them for those times that they are necessary. We will be providing masks, however you are also more than welcome to provide your own. All Congressional staff will also be in masks and campers and staff will be washing their hands every hour.


What are the hours of this camp?

The hours of Zippy’s Mini Camp are 8:30am – 5:00pm. In an effort to reduce the exposure to multiple staff members, we will not be having our usual Extended Hours program and counselors, however we know that many families can benefit from extra coverage, so we are extending our typical day from ending at 3:30pm to ending at 5:00pm.


What is the cancellation policy?


We understand we are in a very fluid situation, and don’t want that to stand in your way of registering for our Zippy’s Mini Camp Program. We are offering the following flexible refund policy specifically for Zippy’s Mini Camp for Summer 2020. 


  • Prior to June 26 – Registrations are 100% Refundable
  • Starting June 26
    • Voluntary withdrawal after camp starts are eligible for a 50% refund on remaining days. 
    • If Congressional Camp is closed due to state or local restrictions-  Families are eligible for a 100% discount on days closed. 
    • If Congressional Camp has to close campus for 48 hours for suspected or confirmed contamination or a cohort group needs to be quarantined, Families are eligible for a 100% discount on days closed. 
    • If a camper or someone in their direct household tests positive for Covid-19 we will cancel your session and you will receive a prorated refund for the remainder of the season.

What will my camper do in this camp?



Our team is hard at work developing an engaging and active six week schedule of activities. We anticipate this including a collection of traditional camp favorites like Art, Archery, Sports, Swimming, Ropes Course, Outdoor Education, Music and more. We also anticipate a variety of rotating activities and special projects. Lastly we are working on ways to adapt many of our most popular special events and theme days into this new program.


Will my camper be within 6 feet of other campers or staff?


Ultimately, yes while inside of their cohort. While we are going to do everything possible to limit exposure and keep social distancing in-tact, there will no doubt be times that campers are within six feet of each other while in their individual cohort. The program is designed to limit the interaction between cohorts and certainly any interactions between cohorts would be done with social distancing in place.


Do you have to commit to the full six weeks?


In an effort to mitigate the exposure and changeover among campers, we are running this program as one registration for the full 6 weeks. While your campers do not need to attend every day/week, there is no pro-rating for not attending.


What is the fee for Zippy’s Mini Camp? 


The fee for our Zippy’s Mini Camp is $4,650 for the six week session. This includes all activities, supplies, meals, and snacks for the session. This specially designed session has unique pricing due to many factors including the increased supply cost for many dedicated cohort and individual camper supplies, a much lower ratio of counselors to campers, added cost of continuous cleaning, and protective equipment.  We are working to assemble our staff from among our most experienced counselors to help ensure the most enjoyable experience for our campers. For parents convenience we have also extended the hours from our typical schedule and included will be your camper tshirts for the summer delivered to your home prior to camp starting.



Will students use the playground? If so, how will equipment be sanitized and how frequently?


Students will use the playground occasionally. The use of the playground will not be daily for each group, as we are lucky to have a full 40 acre campus for our groups to utilize during recess time. However, high touch areas of the playground will be sanitized between groups and campers will be coached to not touch their face while on the playground and groups will wash hands immediately after.


Will the pool be open? If so, how will social distancing be enforced? 


We currently plan on swimming as a daily activity. The plan would be up to 2 groups at a time may be at the big pool, however the pool will be divided into thirds, with each group taking an outer-third, and the middle third being left open as a buffer area.For our 4 and 5 year old campers we would be limiting pool use to one group at a time.