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Learn to Ride: Skateboarding

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Radical Dude. Extreme Fun. This fun-filled skateboard camp is packed with safe, thrilling activities for beginner to intermediate riders. Camp is held outdoors in a “skate park on wheels,” a mobile skate park with equipment designed for beginner to intermediate riders. The skate park has mini-quarter-pipes, grind box, fun box, launch ramps, wedge ramps, grind rails and more. Separate groups, determined by age and ability are formed. Under the supervision of American Inline instructors and coaches, skateboard campers receive instruction to safely ride, tack turn, olly, grind, stall, drop in, and get air in a safe environment. Each day includes instruction, skating games and jam time. Participants receive camp t-shirt and stickers. Campers are required to bring: a skateboard, helmet, knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards.

Space Expedition

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Unleash your inner astronaut! Join us as we explore all things outer space. We’ll play with rockets, learn about planets, design our own space stations, and so much more. We’ll even hop on buses and head to the Air and Space Museum for an up close look at real artifacts from the space program. Campers will develop team-building and critical thinking skills while having a blast with hands-on and project-based science activities.

Print Shop

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Join Congressional’s Visual Art faculty to experience the expressive possibilities of printmaking. A combination of technical instruction and open studio time, campers will take away skills and techniques in time-honored artistic practices. Topics covered will be mono-printing (ink and paint); relief prints (collographs and blocks); etchings; and screen-printing (fabric and clay). Campers will be using materials that require focus, attention to detail, and good safety practices. Art Show on the last day of the session.

Jurassic Journey

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Calling all paleontologists! Do you love visiting the dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural History? Then step back in time and explore the Jurassic with us. Campers become junior paleontologists for the week. We’ll learn about fossils, make great crafts, play fun games, and do all things dinosaurs. Make new friends who love old things as much as you!

Learn to Ride a Bike

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Say Good-Bye to the Training Wheels! This camp is for kids who want to transition off training wheels. Participants learn to ride without training wheels during camp. Learn how to get on the bike, find balance, stop, start, paddle, pedal, coast, basic riding skills, braking and steering. Daily activities include group and private instruction, the safety course & biking games. Participants receive a camp T-shirt and sticker. Required equipment: Bike without training wheels, helmet and water bottle.

Zippy’s Swim School

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Jump in the pool and learn to swim in Zippy’s Swim School! Our experienced lifeguards will work with your camper to develop the confidence and skills needed to have fun in the water. Campers will learn about safety in and out of the pool, basic swimming techniques and strokes, and how to dive in to the pool, tread water, and float. Our lifeguards will evaluate the campers and provide consistent feedback and encouragement throughout the session.

Bike Riding

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This camp provides a hands-on, educational way for children to master the art of bicycle riding, even beginners. Increase skills and confidence by improving steering, braking and stopping. Learn about gears, shifting, pedal cadence, rules of the road and how to stay safe when riding. Daily activities include group and private instruction, riding safety courses, confidence course and mini tours around campus when ready. In addition to improving skills, this bike camps gives children a chance to socialize and interact with their peers getting away from the TV an into the great outdoors this summer. Participants receive camp t-shirt and stickers. Required equipment include: Bike without training wheels, helmet and bike gloves.