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Moana Dance Adventure

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When you hear the music, do you have to dance? If your little one listens to the Moana soundtrack on repeat, or loves to dress up costumes, then this is the camp for you! We’ll explore the best parts of Moana while we learn about dance in polynesian cultures. Wiggle and play and dance your way through everyone’s favorite animated movie! Does it call you?

Fashion & Machine Sewing

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Do you love Project Runway? Do you have an eye for color, shape, and patterns? Are you creative person with your own personal style? Then you are in the right place! Spend the week exploring fabrics, designing clothes, and learning how to make your own fashion. This hands-on camp will teach you the basics of making clothing from start to finish, as well as the ins and outs of using sewing machines.

Handwork Day Camp

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Picture your child in the care of energetic and imaginative counselors exploring the world of needle-arts. At Handwork Day Camp, you’ll find campers sharing stories and laughs while working on a wide array of unique projects. Our goal is to teach useful skills such as, hand-sewing, embroidery, knitting, weaving, needle-felting and much more! Campers are always free to express themselves and are enveloped in creativity and fun. Whether refining skills or learning brand new ones, our camp is sure to delight. Join the fun with Summer 2018’s fresh new curriculum with different projects every week!

Pony Adventure Session 10

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Have you ever wanted to own a pony? Here is your chance to have a real pony experience without having to build a stable in your backyard. You and a partner will “adopt” a Congressional horse for the week. You will learn how to care, feed, groom, and take care of all of the needs of your pony. Campers will have a 45-minute personalized lesson each day. In addition to riding, you will learn about teamwork and the importance of safety when being around ponies. All equestrian activities are weather-dependent. In the case of inclement weather, certain activities may need to be postponed or cancelled without refund. Campers are required to bring long pants and close-toed shoes, and encouraged to bring riding boots with a low heel and a professionally fit helmet.

Learn to Ride: Skateboarding

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Radical Dude. Extreme Fun. This fun-filled skateboard camp is packed with safe, thrilling activities for beginner to intermediate riders. Camp is held outdoors in a “skate park on wheels,” a mobile skate park with equipment designed for beginner to intermediate riders. The skate park has mini-quarter-pipes, grind box, fun box, launch ramps, wedge ramps, grind rails and more. Separate groups, determined by age and ability are formed. Under the supervision of American Inline instructors and coaches, skateboard campers receive instruction to safely ride, tack turn, olly, grind, stall, drop in, and get air in a safe environment. Each day includes instruction, skating games and jam time. Participants receive camp t-shirt and stickers. Campers are required to bring: a skateboard, helmet, knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards.

Hawaiian Cooking

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Bring the flavors of The Aloha State back home in Hawaiian Cooking Camp! Hawaiian cooking introduces campers to the exotic food and drinks enjoyed in the Hawaiian Islands. Every day, campers will try exciting Hawaiian recipes, working together to cook and sample new foods, snacks, and drinks. Campers are sure to come home with some delicious recipes at the end of the week!


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Take advantage of our Sport Court and join us to learn all about the sport of Tennis. Our Tennis counselors will work with campers of all abilities to expand their game and teach them new techniques. Beginner players will be introduced to the rules of the sports and practice their basic backhand and forehand shots, and learn how to keep score, while more advanced campers will refine their court movement and shot placement, learn why different shots are appropriate for different situations throughout a match, and perfect their serves. Racquets and balls will be provided, but campers are free to bring their own if they prefer.

Learn to Ride a Bike

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Say Good-Bye to the Training Wheels! This camp is for kids who want to transition off training wheels. Participants learn to ride without training wheels during camp. Learn how to get on the bike, find balance, stop, start, paddle, pedal, coast, basic riding skills, braking and steering. Daily activities include group and private instruction, the safety course & biking games. Participants receive a camp T-shirt and sticker. Required equipment: Bike without training wheels, helmet and water bottle.

Zippy’s Encore

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Returning for its third summer, Zippy’s Encore is the result of Congo’s most creative staff designing their dream week of camp. Campers joining us for this fun filled encore to our Day Camp program will have the chance to participate in a variety of traditional Congressional activities including sports, arts, and swimming, but also some exciting new activities and special events. Each day will end with a special assembly and performance and we will cap the week with an all camp field trips on Thursday and Friday to a local water park, movie and Dave and Busters. This is the week you don’t want to miss!

Bike Riding

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This camp provides a hands-on, educational way for children to master the art of bicycle riding, even beginners. Increase skills and confidence by improving steering, braking and stopping. Learn about gears, shifting, pedal cadence, rules of the road and how to stay safe when riding. Daily activities include group and private instruction, riding safety courses, confidence course and mini tours around campus when ready. In addition to improving skills, this bike camps gives children a chance to socialize and interact with their peers getting away from the TV an into the great outdoors this summer. Participants receive camp t-shirt and stickers. Required equipment include: Bike without training wheels, helmet and bike gloves.