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Lego Architecture and Trains @ SHES

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How can skyscrapers be so high? How do you make a functional space like a house become a work of art? We’ll explore the fundamentals of design, engineering, and art through Lego architecture. Build recreations of famous buildings. Create your own inspired building designs. We’ll work together to create a Lego city filled with amazing […]

Tennis @ One Life Fitness

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We are excited to partner with One Life Fitness at Skyline to offer this exciting Tennis Camp option. Campers will arrive at Congressional daily and be shuttled to One Life Fitness with access to multiple indoor climate controlled courts and One Life’s experienced camp staff.  The Skyline Onelife Fitness invites you to enjoy an unforgettable tennis experience—no […]

Teen Travel – Caving

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No adventure too great, no destination too far! This exclusive program offers our older campers an exciting choice of off-site activities. A sample of Teen Travel activities includes bowling, rafting, skating, Annapolis, IMAX films, Medieval Times and water parks. Each session is unique, so campers can sign up for multiple sessions and experience different destinations. This session will have a 2 day, one night overnight trip. For this session, the team will be headed into the mountains and deep below the earth for a caving adventure. Grab your headlamp and prepare to crawl, wiggle, and bend your way through a cave system that’s perfect for first-time cavers. Once we’re above ground and cleaned up, we’ll camp at a nearby campground and cook over a campfire. Admission tickets, snacks and accommodations for overnights are included at no extra charge.

Breakfast Club

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In the simplest terms, this camp is everything you like best about breakfast. We have found that each one of us has a little love of eggs, breakfast meats, farm fresh vegetables, and in season ingredients inside of us. Put it all together under the careful guidance of the expertise of Congo Camp counselors, and you’ll have a great reason to get up early. Don’t forget about this camp as you plan for a tasty summer! (don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t you)

Pony Adventure Session 6

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Have you ever wanted to own a pony? Here is your chance to have a real pony experience without having to build a stable in your backyard. You and a partner will “adopt” a Congressional horse for the week. You will learn how to care, feed, groom, and take care of all of the needs of your pony. Campers will have a 45-minute personalized lesson each day. In addition to riding, you will learn about teamwork and the importance of safety when being around ponies. All equestrian activities are weather-dependent. In the case of inclement weather, certain activities may need to be postponed or cancelled without refund. Campers are required to bring long pants and close-toed shoes, and encouraged to bring riding boots with a low heel and a professionally fit helmet.

Spy Camp @ SHES

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Discover a world of secrecy and intrigue in this camp perfect for any aspiring man or woman of mystery. Campers will learn about the history of espionage, real and fictional spies, secret codes and how to break them, hidden gadgets, and more. Spy Camp will also include a visit to the Spy Museum in Washington, D.C., where campers can immerse themselves in the world of espionage and experience the role that spies, real and fictional, have played throughout history and in popular culture.

Ropes Adventure Session 6

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With low elements and a high ropes course, this program provides campers with a unique opportunity for team building and gaining self-confidence. Our elaborate course includes a zip line and a 40-foot, three-sided climbing wall with 6 different approaches. You will go through a progression of initiatives ranging from simple to complex as you challenge each obstacle. All activities are supervised by our well-trained staff who will participate through demonstrations and individualized instruction.

Art Studio Paint @ SHES

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Grab your brushes and get ready to create a masterpiece! Campers will learn from a variety of painters and styles, from classical artists like Rembrandt and da Vinci to more modern auteurs like Jackson Pollack and Salvador Dali, before expressing their own creativity by manipulating  a variety of brushes, canvases, paints, and techniques. By the end of the session, campers will have assembled an impressive portfolio of work to display at home!

Pokemon @ SHES

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The Congressional Pokémon Camp is designed to train young campers in their quest to become world class Pokémon Masters. Our Pokémon Trainers will learn the hugely popular and widely enjoyed Pokémon Trading Card Game played around the world, learning the league standards and official rules that are used in local and even global tournaments. For our trainers who are more interested in creating a collection of cards, the camp will cover where to get the best deals on Pokémon cards, how to properly care for their cards, the rarity of each card and what will make them more valuable in the future. The camp will also facilitate fair play and fair card trading.