Staff Packet

Welcome to Congressional Camp!

We are pleased to extend an offer for employment for this year’s summer camp season.  There are several forms that need to be completed by every employee before you can start working.  Some of these forms are ones you must complete and return to the camp office within 2 weeks of receiving your offer letter.  Others will be completed in our online payroll system in June (you will receive more information about that late May/early June).  The documents that must be completed now are itemized below. Notes about what should be done for each item are included.  Each form is accessible via the links provided in the checklist below.


If you have any questions while completing these items, contact Krystal Speed, Camp HR Coordinator at


If you are a Counselor-In-Training, click here for your checklist.


Camp Paperwork Checklist for Junior Counselors and Counselors:

  1. Work Permit: Workers that are 14 and 15 years old must provide a valid permit prior to the first day of employment.  Apply for a work permit here.

Note, after you apply you will need to provide your Youth Identifier Number to Krystal Speed for the employer registration and your parent/guardian registration.  Also, Krystal will need to verify your identity by viewing an acceptable form of identification (this can also be used for the I-9 requirement).  To set up a time to provide the identification, email Krystal.

  1. I-9 Identification:The I-9 form is a document that verifies your eligibility to work in the US and is required of all employees.  You will complete the actual I-9 form in our online payroll system in June. Yet, you will still need to present appropriate identification in person. A list of acceptable forms of identification can be found here.


  1. Sworn Disclosure Statement 2018


  1. CPS Licensing Form: Read the directions carefully. You must complete all of Part 1 and Part II.  Every space must be filled in or marked N/A if not applicable.  This form MUST be printed front and back and notarized (see page 2); you may bring it to the campus to be notarized. FOR ANYONE UNDER 18, A PARENT MUST ALSO SIGN. Camp will pay the fee so please disregard the request for a $10 money order.


  1. TB Test: You must have a TB test that has been completed within the last year. If you have been tested within the last year, please provide a copy of the results; if not, you must be tested.  Possible testing locations include: your doctor’s office, health department clinic or CVS or Target clinics.  Check with the individual provider for availability. If you are a returning employee and are unsure if your TB test from last summer is still valid, contact Krystal to determine what we have on file.


  1. Criminal Background Check:Complete and submit the online form to initiate your background check. All individuals under 18 years old must also complete a Parental Consent Form


  • All Travel Camp staff that participate in overnights as well as all Great Adventures staff must complete an additional criminal background check that requires being fingerprinted at an approved location.  Krystal will contact you directly with the directions for completing this requirement.

7. Verification of Education:  HS Graduate Staff must provide documentation of highest level of education completed; this can be a HS diploma, college transcript or college diploma. This should be printed and submitted at the end of the academic year.


8. Camp Lunch Opt-Out Form: CITs, Day, Specialty and Travel Camp Staff are enrolled in the camp lunch program. Only complete this form if you don’t want to participate in the camp lunch program (there is a nominal weekly fee for participating in the camp lunch; CITs do not pay for lunch).



All paperwork must be completed and returned to the Camp Office by the date listed in your offer letter. If you prefer a hard copy of the packet, you may pick one up from the Camp Office.  Contact Krystal at with any questions you may have as you complete the packet.


Mail or drop off your completed packet:

Congressional Camp

Attn:  Krystal Speed, Camp HR Coordinator

3229 Sleepy Hollow Road

Falls Church, VA  22042