Teen Travel 7


We’re heading to the National Building Museum and having lunch at Basic Burger.


We’re heading to the Watermine. Please come with your bathing suit under your camper t-shirt. We ask that you remember your towel and sunscreen!


We’re heading to Great Falls for a hike. Please wear comfortable clothing. We’ll finish the day with a treat from ColdStone!

Thursday to Friday: 

Massanutten Overnight

This session’s overnight we’ll be heading out to Massanutten. Please be sure to pack the following items:

    • one camper t-shirts
    • comfortable walking bottoms
    • sneakers
    • socks
    • flip-flops
    • undergarments
    • pj’s
    • sweatshirt
    • sunscreen
    • bathingsuit
    • Baseball cap/hat (optional)
    • Reusable Water bottle
    • shower items
    • toothbrush and toothpaste
    • deodorant
    • brush/comb
    • sleeping bag (optional)

We’ll be saying at the Holiday Inn Express located at:

3325 South Main Street,
Harrisonburg, Virginia  22801