Teen Travel

Teen Travel Session One Schedule


DC Day!

We’re heading to DC for the day. We’ll be visiting the Natural History Museum and will have a picnic on the national Mall. Please be sure to bring your sunscreen (and a hat if you’d like) as we will be outside.

Lunch:  Ham and Cheese sandwiches boxed meals


Great Falls and LaserQuest

Wear comfortable shoes and bottoms with your camper t-shirt. Please bring an extra bottle and a small backpack! After our hike we’ll head to LaserQuest for a couple games of laser tag.

Lunch: Papa John’s Pizza


Volcano Island

Don’t forget to wear your swimsuit under your camp t-shirt! You should pack a towel and bring your sunscreen. Our counselors will make sure that campers reapply sunscreen and help as needed.

Lunch: Chicken Breast Sandwich boxed meal

Thursday & Friday:

Philly Overnight

This session’s overnight we’ll be heading out to Philadelphia. Please be sure to pack the following items:

      • one camper t-shirts
      • comfortable walking bottoms
      • sneakers
      • socks
      • flip-flops
      • undergarments
      • pj’s
      • sweatshirt
      • sunscreen
      • Baseball cap/hat (optional)
      • Reusable Water bottle
      • shower items
      • toothbrush and toothpaste
      • deodorant
      • brush/comb
      • sleeping bag (optional)

We’ll be saying at the Holiday Inn Express located at:

6000 Crawford Place,
Mount Laurel, New Jersey  08054