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Full STEAM Ahead Adventure by Handworks Studio

  • Congressional School
  • Rising Junior Kindergarten – Rising Kindergarten
  • Encore Week August 12-16


Ignite your little one’s curiosity at the Full STEAM Ahead Camp! Tailored especially for Pre-K and Kindergarten age groups. We’ve designed a vibrant exploration into the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics that’s just right for young learners. Here at Full STEAM Ahead, campers will discover the magic of robotics, dip their toes into the wonders of 3D construction, build imaginative structures using kid-friendly materials, and conduct science experiments that would WOW the most seasoned of scientists. Our program ensures a blend of foundational learning with playful creativity. Every activity is crafted to captivate young imaginations, encourage collaboration, and provide hands-on fun. As our young STEAM enthusiasts collaborate, construct, and create, they’ll be laying down the building blocks for a lifetime love of learning. Join us and watch as your child embarks on a thrilling journey from curious explorer to confident creator at Full STEAM Ahead!

Dates & Rates

August 12-16$850

So well organized and we love that lunch and snacks are provided! It was our first year and we felt very welcomed. We have been recommending it to a lot of our friends and neighbors.

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