Staff FAQs

Staff members helping campers across a river on stepping stones.

What is required for employment?

During the hiring process, a reference check and criminal background check will be conducted on each candidate. Once an employment offer has been extended, each staff member must successfully complete a TB test and Child Protective Services background check within 30 days of their first day of employment. If you have previously completed a TB test within the past year, you must provide official documentation showing you have met this requirement.

Are staff members required to have any certifications?

Specific positions require certifications. This includes lifeguards, challenge course, and archery staff members. Individuals that maintain MAT, PMAT and/or First Aid and CPR certifications are compensated accordingly. These certifications are not mandatory but are encouraged due to the nature of work.

What type of experience is required?

Congressional staff members represent a variety of experiences and talents. The foundation is a love for children. Specific qualifications, and in some cases, certifications, are required and vary by role and camp program.

How soon can I expect an interview? Do you contact everyone who applies?

Due to the large volume of candidates, we are unable to interview all applicants. A completed application must be submitted in order to be considered for an interview. If selected for an interview, you will be contacted by a member of our administrative team. Group interviews are projected to begin in March and are by invite only.

What hours will I be working?

Regular working hours are 8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M., Monday – Friday. Travel Camp staff hours may vary based upon planned excursions.

What are the uniform requirements?

Each day, staff members are dressed professionally and appropriately for the day’s activities. The uniform consists of a staff polo shirt, which can be purchased through the staff store during orientation. On the first day of each session, staff wear khaki bottoms. All other days, other forms, such as denim, are acceptable.

How about lunch?

For a nominal price, staff members enjoy healthy lunches, prepared fresh by the camp’s food service provider. Lunch includes a full salad bar.

Counselor in Training (CIT) FAQs

How old do you need to be to apply for CIT positions?

Our CIT positions are open to students who will be completing their freshman year this June. Rising Freshman are welcome to register as campers while rising High School Sophomores are eligible for CIT positions.

How can I apply to become a CIT?

Easy! Go to the Job Openings section of our website. Fill out the application and apply to work as a Counselor in Training. Once you have applied, you will be notified to attend a group interview in the spring. After the interview, offer letters will be sent out to the hired staff.

Is there a limit to the number of weeks a CIT can work?

No, the more the better. We encourage all CITs to work as many weeks as they can. The more weeks he or she works the more likely they are to be accepted to our CIT program. Our CIT program has been competitive in past years and priority will be given to those applicants that can work the majority of the summer.

Do CITs have to pay for anything?

No, Congressional will provide 5 staff shirts and lunch every day.

Is the CIT position a paid position?

While CITs are not paid, many do return the following year as Junior Counselors which is a paid position.

What are the primary responsibilities of a CIT?

The primary responsibility is to assist his or her lead and junior counselors everyday. Other responsibilities include: fully participating in all areas of camp, help keep areas clean, help lead activities, help campers feel involved in the activities, be respectful, and take steps to ensure campers safety.

What age groups do the CITs work with?

Our CITs work with a wide variety of age groups and areas around camp. Most of our CITs work with our Day Camp program where they will be working with campers ranging from the ages of Rising 1st grade to Rising 4th. CITs are also able to work with our youngest campers in our Great Adventures program with campers ranging in ages from preschool to kindergarten. CITs also have the option to work in a Specialty area such as Sports, Art, Drama, Archery, Horses, etc. if they are interested.

What is the time commitment of a CIT?

CITs are required to arrive at camp by 7:30 on the first day of every session and 8 a.m. on every other day of camp. CITs are expected to attend all Morning Meetings like all other staff members. CITs will also be required to attend a daily meeting right after Parent Pick Up (approximately at 3:45 p.m.) at the end of the day for a 10-15 minute meeting to go over the day.

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