Welcome to Congressional: A Summer of Growth

Geology E

Every summer, the gates on Sleepy Hollow Road open to campers who come to Congressional time and again to play, discover, explore, and learn.

Unsurprisingly, that last word may raise a few eyebrows. Learning seems like something that should end when the summer begins. If school is out, so are the lessons—not to return until cooler weather and apple season. Camp is all about games, activities, and new friendships. And at Congressional, lovingly referred to as Congo Camp, we agree. That said, learning here is different. It’s fun!

At Congressional, campers learn how to scale new heights on the climbing wall, take aim at the archery range, unleash their creativity at arts and crafts, and explore their exciting environment down by the creek.

That’s a solid school years’ worth of lessons, but here it’s only the beginning. Congressional’s unique and exciting activities are designed to enrich the summer of every camper who comes through the gates. More than the fun they have at activities or events, campers at Congo learn lessons they take with them well beyond the summer.

Camp is a place where life-long friendships are made, new talents are discovered, fears are conquered, and first careers are fostered. The campers who come back year after year show the enduring value of their camp experiences. And when they become counselors with groups of their own, they show the importance of what they learn here.

Yes, camp is full of fun and games. But it’s about so much more.

Over a series of articles written by members of Congressional’s tight-knit community, we hope to take you beyond the facts listed in the brochures. We’ll dive deep into the stories that explain what makes this place so unique.

Yes, we can boast a 40-acre campus, a barn full of horses, and a swimming pool. But more importantly, Congo Camp is a community of individuals who make camp more than the sum of its activities. The experiences of our campers, counselors and community stand as a testament to the powerful lessons taught and learned here.

As you read more about this special place so many call home, we hope you’ll see why campers and counselors alike return year after year to pass through the gates on Sleepy Hollow Road—ready for what they know will be an adventure a day. 

If you want to learn more about how a summer at Congressional can help your child, feel free to contact us.

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